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Thread: How to reduce website traffic..?

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    Following methods can help you in reducing your bounce rate.

    1. Adjust the bounce rate of your website. ...
    2. Reduce the bounce rate of the web pages in the Profit Index. ...
    3. Stop targeting keywords/marketing channels which are sending low value traffic. ...
    4. Create landing pages which satisfy visitor's query.

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    Stop building backlinks for your website and stop promoting it in social media websites. This will help reduce the website traffic.
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    - > Adjust the bob rate of your site.
    - > Reduce the bob rate of your pages in the benefit website pages.
    - > Stop focusing on catchphrase channels which are sending low activity.
    - > Create points of arrival which fulfill client's inquiry.
    - > Create points of arrival which conspicuously show your suggestion to take action.
    - > Make your invitation to take action applicable to your greeting pages.
    - > Develop content which can be devoured in limited ability to focus time.
    - > Use virtual online visits or EvenTracking For Flash Based Content.
    - > Create points of arrival which are outwardly engaging and stack quick.
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    People nowadays are looking for increasing traffic to their site and you are trying to reduce the traffic. may i know the reason?

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