Hi all ive been looking online into this topic alot recently , and i though it would solve which backend coding language would be my go to as i have sufficient knowledge of html and css and JavaScript for now.

So people really seem to be for or against something im not getting any real answers, some say php is dying and an abslotete markup language that has horrible syntax , but it works well with MySQL and also its established , and many new content management systems like WordPress use it. Also career wise when i look for work most web developer requirements are laravel php .

Some say that this is just an interim thing and that python because of its ease of use , and simpler mathematical friendly syntax is the way forward and will eventually eliminate php.
Python also boast the ability to develop applications where as i believe php does not. However php does get its use on mobile too, so if you are purely developing websites then i gues that is irrelevant.

To make things more complicated i have also been referred to node.js which i must say i am not really interested in but then again my knowledge is too limited in this field to make such assumptions.

I just want to show you that i did not just come here and pop a query as most peopl do i find that annoying as your knowledge of programming may have aken you time to learn.

If you have anything that you have to say on the subject , please feel free to speak i have read alot more and i know there are quite a few pros and cons i have not mentioned.

Thanks in advance for your replies ,