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Thread: Is php useful in Mobile App Development?

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    Is php useful in Mobile App Development?

    Is php useful in Mobile App Development?

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    Yes PHP is useful in mobile app developement.
    PHP is a standout amongst the most well known Open Source scripting dialects, most normally utilized on web servers to deliver dynamic pages.
    The name "PHP" is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". Starting today, the present form of PHP is adaptation 5, with rendition 6 really taking shape.

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    Besides server side scripting, it is used for command line scripting and for coding applications. PHP primarily is a coding language used for creating dynamic websites, but you can create android and iOS apps in PHP, according to Zend. With PHAP, it is possible to write complete android, iOS, and windows apps.

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    Yes you can build mobile applications with the help of php, but php language is not used that much in mobile applications as compared to other languages like c++, java and others. By the way you should definitely use sast security tools while developing a website.

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    You can build applications with the help of php but instead of php, Java will be best option for you for mobile application development.
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    It can be used, but as far as i know, it's not that proficient to use that in app development. If you visit site and take a look at apps that are published there, you will see that almost no one is using it. So, you better go with something more suited for this.

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