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Thread: How to increase website real time traffic..?

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    How to increase website real time traffic..?

    Hello friends,

    How to increase website real time traffic..?

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    Real traffic can be increased using social media optimization techniques. Promoting your business in various social networking websites help to gain more traffic and builds your website reputation in the network.
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    There are some tricks by which you can easily increase the real time traffic for your website. They are as follows:

    1. Find the influencers in your area & try to convenience them to share your content.

    2. Research about what the influencers in your area are doing regularly to generate traffic.

    3. Now try to update your content based on research you have done for the influencers i.e. what kind of stuff they write, you can also take the leaf out of their style.

    4. Always add share triggers to your website, this will definitely help you generate more traffic because of powerful social media activity.

    5. Always keep track of your website's performance by using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Trends etc.

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    Optimize your content, promote it on social media and monitor its outreach. These three simple steps will drive more real time traffic to your site.

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