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Thread: Need hosting for my online project (40 gbs of HD)

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    Need hosting for my online project (40 gbs of HD)

    I need to know some reliable web hosts offering Linux vps hosting in USA.
    The thing is that I have some clients who is looking for 40 gbs of HD, Linux, 1 TB of bandwidth SSD VPS hosting accounts.
    One of my colleagues recommended me to try services. Are they trustworthy?

    What other hosts in USA do you know?

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    According to my experience hosting deals are provided by skilled technical staff. Prices are more than reasonable and stability is as high as possible to provide.

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    Can say that service is as good as it gets, they are always available to assist. They help me out a lot and they are always there to support me when i need it.
    The server up-time is perfect. Their packages include so many useful features and great resources.

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    I am sure is able to satisfy all your needs. Their hosting solutions are made of quality features and provided with high uptime and helpful support at competitive prices.

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    Have a look at VPS deals from and, they have well-trained support team which will explain you everything concerning hosting business. Prices are low for the webmasters with a tight budget.

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    I've been with multiple hosting providers and have been professional the whole way.
    They transferred files over and make the usual adjustments in website control panel. Installed components worked out of the box.

    Good service!

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    You can trust provider. They are well-known as fast host with ssd and powerful servers. Technical team is helpful and professional.

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    I rarely write reviews unless I think a service is outstanding and is my choice.
    Support has been outstanding. They go out of their way to help. I had a SQL/php slowness issue and service helped me resolve it very quickly.
    So far I have no downtime.

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    You can rely on solutions from, their servers are rock-solid and perfectly managed by their professional techies. Prices are reasonable and service is decent.

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    If you have a problem. They will be there to help you. I highly recommend ssd web hosting services... I plan on being with them a long time.

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