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Thread: what is google bots?

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    what is google bots?

    what is google bots?

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    Google bots is a google software is used to collect the news to be added to google

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    Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

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    Google bot is the website crawler which is performed based on the search engine guidelines.
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    Googlebot may be Google's web slithering bot (sometimes Additionally called a "spider"). Slithering is the procedure Toward which Googlebot uncovers new Furthermore updated pages on a chance to be included of the Google list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurunath View Post
    what is google bots?
    It is a software used by Google to collect the information of documents from the web. It also follows Href and SRC links. It is also know as a spider.

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    Google Bot is google’s web crawling bot sometime we called it spider.Google crawling is the process of when any one update any information or adding new page into his website then google bots will go there and crawl that website and find what’s the new update in that website and after google bots get the information then they bots will index that page and that information in google.
    for doing this process google has a huge of computers for fetch the latest updates.

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    Google bots are automated search engine programs that are responsible to read through webpages and provide information to Google.
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