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Thread: Worth doing a shopping cart for AWS store?

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    Worth doing a shopping cart for AWS store?

    I've just started an AWS site (in my sig.), so far I've only implemented BrowseNodeSearch and AsinSearch for my site, and am wondering should I go further than these two basic implementation like adding a shopping cart to it?

    I haven't seen much AWS sites with the shopping cart from you guys' sites, so is it worth adding a shopping cart to it? Does it help in bringing in more sales?

    I'm using PHP and SOAP (with NuSOAP toolkit).

    Another question: Can I create stores that are still in beta?

    Thank you.

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    I don't think shopping carts are worth the extra trouble because I don't use them. but it depends on your site, I'm sure. If they're likely to buy more than one item, give them a shopping cart. However, don't make them click too many times or you increase the chance of them leaving.

    I think that yes, you can create stores that are in beta, however it is not guaranteed to always work
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