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Thread: Looking for Windows VPS (in Malaysia)

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    Looking for Windows VPS (in Malaysia)

    I am looking for good place where I can get Malaysian VPS hosting (Windows)

    Well, having done a search, looks to be a nice place for that.
    I'd like to ask some experts to help in order to choose the provider.
    Do you know anything about them?

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    It's the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed.
    Very good web hosting. Great prices and great reliability. is reliable Malaysian web host. Use coupon code: XH9KMF2CI6 and get 50% Off for ALL VPS Hosting.

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    I can point out that is the best option for getting windows vps in Malaysia. They have great tech support and I am 100% satisfied.
    Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain. Very kind, easy to work with.

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    As you may know, the truth comes out of comparison, so I would recommend and their bitcoin vps hosting solutions.
    They have stable servers located in Malaysia. Fantastic technical support, questions usually answered within 2 minutes of posting. Contact them for further details.

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    I am very pleased with my site and Bitcoin windows VPS service. In my personal experience they are PERFECT!
    Their support team has never taken more than twenty minutes to respond with solutions to my difficulties and they are always right on the nose.

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