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Thread: Why choose codeigniter among different PHP framework?

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    Why choose codeigniter among different PHP framework?

    CodeIgniter is one of the famous PHP framework that has become the first choice among the coders and programmers nowadays. CodeIgniter Framework is an open-source web development PHP framework that works and supports MVC pattern. Codeingiter development company become now famous with its functionalities and results.

    Codeigniter is becoming famous and people are mainly focusing on this framework because of these following reasons:
    1. gives the fastest execution: it is best known for the fastest execution of the time. it gives effective results in lesser time. this is the best reason for giving the best results and become the best among the programmers and coders.
    2. it is having great security functions.
    3. it has well-known file management systems.

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    Hi, It's good to know clarification of why choose CodeIgniter among different PHP framework. Also, I have a question for you that can you tell me which static code analysis tools are useful for the code analysis. I would really appreciate you help.


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