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Thread: Looking for bitcoin offshore hosting in Bulgaria

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    Looking for bitcoin offshore hosting in Bulgaria

    Hey dudes,
    I require your help to find a good and cheap cloud hosting solution according to my requirements:
    ==> 10 GB - Disk Space
    99.99% Guarantee Uptime and fast speed.
    Any experiences with
    Would like to know all possible option in Bulgaria where I can order cPanel shared offshore hosting deals. Any recommendations?

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    I do believe cloud hositng services are able to satisfy all your mentioned demands, the OP.
    Plans are full-featured and uptime is high and network is fully-redundant and their support is always ready to help.

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    My suggestion is that seems to me the best option to get offshore hosting solutions. Servers are affordable ans they work perfectly. Support is skilled and responsive.

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    They spent over an hour talking with me. I like patience and professionalism.
    I pay $35/mo for VPS via bitcoin. I like their user-friendly interface and easy-to-use cPanel. It is just amazing web hosting provider. I will definitely continue using their reliable services.

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    I want to say that plans are worth trying because of their reliable services and there is no downtime on their servers which are as stable as a rock and cost not much.

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    Extremely and painlessly satisfied dealing with and their team, hosting service is superb.
    I like their pricing and also so many useful 1-click installer scripts. Their customer support work 24/7 - they are ready to help and explain everything!

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    Their prices are competitive and despite being an internet service, you feel that team treat you personally and face-to-face.
    They certainly give me the impression that they not only want my business but want me to be satisfied and are willing to invest in building a relationship with their customers.

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    If you are looking for trustworthy host that accepts bitcoins and have European location take a look at They are providing really stable fast services and decent service.

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    I'd like to draw your attention to services from as their plans contain many useful resources which are able to satisfy the needs of many IT users.
    Prices are low and support is helpful for 24 hours.

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    If you ask me, I am impressed by multiple server locations:
    China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bahamas, Iceland, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Bulgaria, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

    They have top-notch customer service, responding to trouble tickets immediately and consistently.

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    I'd like to confirm that plans are stable and have attractive pricing, accept crypto currencies on hourly billing. Support is helpful all round the clock.

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