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Thread: VPS in Italy

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    230 VPS in Italy

    I need to know how stable and reliable are servers from
    If you have a personal experience with them, share it with me please.

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    I have not heard about the vps hosting provider you have mentioned, may be they are new , but if you ask me about my vps hosting , I had bought it from , without any doubt i purchased 2 window vps hosting, the best part is that the price were very reasonable with best configuration, which no vps hosting provider gives, secondly , they many options for vps both for windows and linux, I would suggest you to have look for vps hosting with

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    It will be a good idea to check out some alternatives, so the truth comes out of comparison.
    And I can recommend VPS deals as they have servers located in Italy. Use coupon wht10life - 10% lifetime discount.

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    Many web hosting providers offer VPS hosting, but some the factors to select the best VPS hosting providers are performance hardware, no contracts, complete control on the VPS, fully managed support, etc. Web hosting is a service, and it can be experienced only after the service is availed.

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