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Thread: Bookmarking 2017 help?

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    Bookmarking 2017 help?

    Old bookmarking sites are not working and page not found guys please suggest me new sites of bookmarking that are having high PR.

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    Bookmarking is same as you bookmark some pages in your web browser. Here are some points about why and how bookmarking can be used for a SEO plan:
    1.Search engines always want to deliver most updated results to its users. Social bookmarking websites are one of the best sources for search engines for fetching newly updated data over the World Wide Web.
    2.If you have a strong profile over social bookmarking websites, you will get more shares and visits for your bookmarks. In this way you can get direct traffic to your websites from various social bookmarking websites.
    3.As we all know, having some quality backlinks is a must thing for grabbing better position in SERP. Social Bookmarking websites are the best destinations for earning some quality backlinks for targeted websites.

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    Some the old bookmarking websites have stopped working as there may be different reasons behind the closing of these websites. Users may suggest you the list, but still, some websites in the list may have closed thus it is better self-find these websites. Some of the famous ones are Digg, Fark, and Scoop, etc.

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    bookmarking is best option to index website.
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