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Thread: How to learn MySQL? Suggest best sources?

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    How to learn MySQL? Suggest best sources?

    How to learn MySQL? Suggest reliable and informative sources?

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    Willing to learn MySQL, You can visit for best training, Before join a course you can ask for demo class.
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    You can learn sqldbm and mysql sites.
    You can also find many options on Google for learning MySQL.

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    Google it mysql can be quite complicated if you want to do more advanced things. Luckily though he syntax surrounding it is all very structured and the same across all borders unlike php. So i would suggest learning from a few free online sources but also getting a cheap course from udemy covering the more complicates stuff. Always use courses that are interactive i require you to do some coding , this is a better way od learning and understanding the concepts behind databases.

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    There can be many sources like you can go to any coaching institutions to learn the language, or you can learn it by yourself through online tutorials. So sources can be many but it depends on you what you choose. But whatever you choose you should always use some kind of disaster recovery tools so that you will never face any kind of issues related to disasters in future.

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