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Thread: How to check which Keyword has more traffic?

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    How to check which Keyword has more traffic?

    Hi Everyone !! How to check which Keyword has more traffic? If We have two keyword like website designing in Delhi and Website Designing Company in Delhi so how to check which keyword has more traffic to do more attention.

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    Use Google Analytics.

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    You can check it keyword search volume using Google ad words and also you can check your google webmaster tools search queries.Use google keyword planner and ahref tool.
    In seo content and keywords are important..Providing unique and relevant keyword to your site is very don't use keyword stuffing
    which is a black hat technique ..Use keyword related to your field which is being searched by visitors..If you get my points and found useful reply this comment..
    thank you..

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    You can check that ranking on google analytics free tool offer by google and other tools like ahref and semrush these tools have get in both trial and paid services..

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    Google Keywords Tool and Wordstream

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    First create an AdWords campaign in Google AdWords by adding some little investment through your wallet.
    Then go to 'ad preview diagnosis' there you can see what website's are ranking and how others are keeping keywords. And Google suggests the right keywords.

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    It totally depends on the work your doing, service you offer and from which keyword you earn more. ROI is a factor in deciding the keywords for seo in your website.

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    Many keyword analysis tools are there such as wordstream and Google Keyword Planner and Third party tools such as Uber keyword suggest you can use for keyword competition analysis.

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