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Thread: what is google sandbox

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    The google sandbox is a place for new websites. Whenever a site is launched and it doesn't get good ranking for its most important keywords and phrases. Whether you update a fresh and quality content and it has a strong pagerank. It will affect by Sandbox.

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    The google sandbox is the imaginary part in the seo,it is a filter program placed on search engine for new website and that bot crawl the result of algorithm allegedly prevents new sites from receive good ranking devaluing the primary keywords,keywords phrases and link structure of the site.

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    Google Sandbox is generally used for websites which are newly launched and then arouse the suspicion of Google, usually by adding a large amount of new content in a very short period of time. This appears to Google as spam; and the Sandbox is essentially a spam filter which watches for suspicious activity, reasoning that a site which adds enormous numbers of new posts, pages and content instantly is probably filling itself with duplicate content or engaging in search engine spamming.

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    It is a filter that are usually placed on the websites as a means to prevent the websites that are normally weighted by Google’s ranking algorithm with an improved web page position in the Google Index. It is also known as the Sandbox Effect. It relies on key factors such as the age of the domain and the competitiveness of the keywords being used.

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