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Thread: php: cache files on a remote server ?

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    Unhappy php: cache files on a remote server ?


    If I have 2 servers (A and B) - is it possible to run a script on server A which reads/writes cache files from/to server B?

    so server B would be my "cache-server"...

    does anyone know a class that can do this?

    up until now I used cacheLite and had the cache on the same server as the script...

    It would be perfect if I could make cacheLite work the way I want. Actually I think it should be possible. Cache Lite uses the "opendir" function.

    the documentation says:

    As of PHP 4.3.0 path can also be any URL which supports directory listing, however only the file:// URL wrapper supports this in PHP 4.3.

    do I specifiy the path like that?
    $cachDir = 'file://';

    my tests don't work...

    any Input would be great!

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    You can't write files to another server. You would have to do this another way. I would suggest an FTP method. PHP has FTP functionality built in.

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    You can write to a remote MySQL server as well, that'd be another method.

    Although really, the speed benefits from caching will likely be erased by moving the cache to another server.
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