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Thread: How to Decrease Bounce Rate?

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    Bounce rate is the percentage of user who left the website after visiting a single page. You can decrease the bounce rate by following this:
    1. Improve your content quality. It should be informative to keep user engage.
    2. You should avoid pop ups in your website as it distracts the user and make him irritating.
    3. Target high searches keywords to get high traffic
    4. Use attractive images
    5. Reduce page loading time

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    If you want to decrease the bounce rate on your website you must follow the two steps. One is content marketing and another one is increase the website traffic.

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    13 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

    1. Improve Your Content’s Readability
    2. Avoid Popups – Don’t Disrupt the UX
    3. Create a Compelling Call-to-Action
    4. Improve Your Brand Storytelling
    5. Keep Your Blog Fresh With the Right Content
    6. Target Keywords With High-Value Traffic
    7. Attract the Right Visitors
    8. Write Attractive Meta Descriptions for Search Users
    9. Create Multiple Landing Pages for High-Volume Keywords
    10. Speed Up Your Page Load Time
    11. Set External Links to Open in New Windows
    12. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
    13. Show Credibility

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    1. Provide more Content about services
    2. Avoid Popups
    3. Improve Your Brand Storytelling
    4. Maintain Blog
    5. Target Right keywords

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    Using following technique you can reduce the bounce rate,
    1.Understandable navigation for important items
    2.Poor design increase less tolerable
    3.Design information around priorities
    4.Optimize for internet
    5.Open external link in new windows
    6.Avoid pop up
    7.Colour contrast
    8.Keep it readable

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    To reduce bounce rate you should follow these steps..

    Improve Website Speed
    : Important factor that is highly contributing to website bounce rate is website speed. If your website takes more than 5 sec to load,then be sure you will loose your potential customer as they will quit without seeing your website. Website speed is a critical factor and you should made all possible measures that to make it faster.

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    Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. It can be reduced by:

    Good content update
    Internal links
    Easy navigation
    Quick loading of webpage
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    keep in mind few thing it will help you to decrease bounce rate.

    Attractive Meta Descriptions
    Decrease Page Load Time
    Make site mobile friendly
    Improve Your Content’s Readability
    Avoid Popups
    Target Keywords With High-Value Traffic

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    Quote Originally Posted by penrix View Post
    How to Decrease Bounce Rate?
    Bounce rate refers to number of people who land as well as exit from the same page of website without navigating other pages. There can be various reason for the same, below mentioned are some of the pointers through which you can decrease the bounce rate:-

    1) Improve page loading speed
    2) Interlink your web pages properly
    3) Add quality of content
    4) Write proper Title & Description of the web pages
    5) Add images and videos to the page and avoid using long long content
    6) Optimize your image size
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