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Thread: Name few Black Hat SEO techniques?

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    Some of the black hat seo techniques are cloaking,keyword stuffing,buying the links,hidden text,low quality content these are harmful techniques try to avoid this technique because chances of penalize from google.

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    There are various black hat techniques. One of the black hat technique is cloaking which is tricking the visitor and the search engine with a different set of content.

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    Examples of some black hat SEO techniques are: link farms, hidden text, scraping, doorway pages, cloaking, comment spam, paid links/content+, keyword stuffing, etc.

    Despite being unacceptable to the internet community, black hat SEO techniques are used because they work until the search engine finds out about them and lower awareness about the fact that search engines will ban their sites once they find out about the use of such techniques.

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    Some of the black hat SEO techniques which are heart the website rankings:

    1. Duplicate content
    2. Cloaking
    3. Keyword stuffing
    4. Hidden text
    5. Buying backlinks

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    Black Hat SEO

    Keyword Stuffing
    Duplicate Content

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