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Thread: How to create google business page?

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    How to create google business page?

    How to create google business page?

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    TO create Google business page these are the 5 steps you need to follow

    Choose an Accessible Gmail Account
    Create a Page with the Desired Account
    Customize Your Public Profile
    Promote Your Page
    Get Going!

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    1. Go to and type in your business name, google will see whether your company is already listed or not, if it is listed then it will display the business information, if it is not it will ask you whether you want to list this business in Google Maps or not.
    2. Click the ‘Let’s get started button.
    3. Sign in to your gmail account
    4. Select ‘Add your business’
    5. Fill the business information
    6. Click continue
    7. Next step is for verification,
    8. There are two steps for business verification on google business,
    a. Mail verification: Google will send you a verification PIN number which will reach you in 1-2 weeks.
    b. Follow the instructions in the Google postcard to verify the business
    c. Click verify and wait for the phone to ring,
    d. The message will give you the PIN number,
    e. Enter the pin and your business is verified on Google Maps
    9. Manage your business information
    Make sure all the information listed is accurate and enter full details like your hours of information, website, address, hours of operation, contact phone, images, videos, etc,.
    10. Seeing the listing on Google maps once in a map to see for reviews, add new photos, videos to improve your business listing on Google Maps.
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