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Thread: Why we are using White hat SEo?

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    Google hates spamming and it is the important reason for many to use white hat techniques in SEO. Everything that includes spamming comes under black hat and you will get penalized. So it is advisable to follow white hat techniques

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    Because these is an ethical process these technique give the importance to an good content and web design for ranking factor of your website.

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    Webmasters used to perform certain methods that used to get their website better positions in SERPs. As the no: of websites using these techniques started to increase some webmasters started abusing these methods for getting better rankings. Then Google brought updates and started to penalise these websites and the methods which were once okay came under spam. Now using white hat techniques is important as these are the techniques that are permissible by the search engines. Thus using white hat SEO is important since it will not fetch any penalties from search engine updates.

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    White hat seo means following the guide lines of search engines, so if we use search engine guidelines website never affect the any search engine updates.

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