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Thread: How Google give keyword ranking..?

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    Google considers many factors such as quality and unique content,quality backlinks,titles,descriptions,header tags,keyword density,canonical issues,page loading speed,image optimization etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexevo Technologi View Post
    How Google give keyword ranking..?
    Google consider many factors to get keywords ranking. Initially you should do complete on-page for a website as per Google guidelines after that focus on built a quality back link. Given below are some key points that need to be avoided.

    Avoid access linking
    Don't post duplicate content
    Do not focus on quantity

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    It give keyword ranking in the many criteria number of quality incoming links from the site,domain age it give preference to your keyword ranking.

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    Most important factor is the Quality of Content. Your content should be unique, it should not be duplicated. second important factor is Trafic to your website you get. By improving backlinks with the higher source you can increase your ranking.

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    No one knows the exact factors what are Google consider to rank a website. Mainly it considers the quality content, backlinks and regular update the website.

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    Google considers different ranking factors, and according to the accumulative weight age obtained by these individual ranking factors, the website is ranked for the keywords that it optimised for.

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    Google follows the 200 Factors give the ranking such as factors like keyword utilization in url, keyword density, domain age, backlinking. etc..But No one know the exact process that Google follow to rank websites on SERP. That is said that if you have great content and quality backlinks and relevant user stuff there are chances to rank on top results of SERP.

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