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Thread: Some questions from an AWS beginner

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    Some questions from an AWS beginner


    This is my new first post here and I would like to know something as I found this forum very constructive:

    1- I look at may sites here and saw that many have high PR... What do you do? What is your secret?

    2- I'm not very familiar with amazon and AWS but I want to build a semi-AWS site in other word, a site that mix content with AWS displaying some products of my choice + preselling speech + a basic list of 10 as the script present. Somebody try this with success?

    3- What is the number of pages for an average site? I would like to build 150-200 pages with keywords that have less competition.

    4- I understand some problem about duplicated content from website using datafeeds. What does Google understand by "duplicated content"

    Thank for all


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    "... the best way to rank well in most major search engines is to get people to link to your pages with your keywords in the link text. In addition you also want to use your primary keywords in your page title, page headings and subheadings, and in the page copy."
    cited from the seobook by Aaron Wall

    2) define "success"

    3) 150-200 pages is not much - many of us use aws to create thousands of pages (with server side scripting + aws)

    4) the problem with amazon shops is that very many try this so it will be difficult to rank well for you. Currently google doesn't filter "duplicate" aws pages but it's not easy to be on top...

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