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Thread: How to optimize home page content?

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    Create content by placing long tailed keywords.Create eye catching content with unique headers,bullet points,relevant images.Include call to action,incorporate social media.Place meta descriptions,header tags,anchor texts,image alt tags.

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    In the following ways wisely you can optimize the home page content there are substantial content,use keyword wisely,make your proposition value clear,optimize the headings.

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    A variety of different traffic types come to your homepage, so it needs to cater to every one of your buyer personas -

    1.That's a lot to ask of one page!
    2.Set your goals. ( ...
    3.Create content.
    4.Optimize the page for Search Engines (SEO).
    5.Create an eye-catching header.
    6.Build the menu/navigation.
    7.Include Calls-to-Action (CTA).

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    *Ensure it’s at least as good as your competitors’ homepages. If yours isn’t as good as theirs then you can’t expect to rank higher than them.
    *Everything should have a specific purpose. Because anything that isn’t encouraging visitors to take positive action is distracting them from doing so.
    *Aim to get visitors to click beyond your homepage. This reduces your site’s bounce rate and increases the average visit duration – both of which send positive signals to Google.
    *Make it immediately clear as to who you are and what you do. A tagline or sentence in the header area, below or next to your logo, is a good way to achieve this.
    *Make a memorable statement or offer. In 10 or so words, say something that will make people take notice and remember you.

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    You can write a small information about company and services which are you providing by including main keyword of the website.

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    Use content format correctly and use navigation to simplify the homepage ..The homepage should not be the cause for bounce rate so optimising it in correct way is important

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