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Thread: Why do we use alt text on images?

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    It is necessary to add alt text on images for following reason if images fail to load the alt tag displayed their place it will useful visitor to that web page what image should there until the image unable to see it,search engine regularly crawl the web pages easy for them understand images difficult to read,helpful for visually impaired the screen readers identify what is displayed on their screen.

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    Alt text strengthens the message towards search engine spiders and improves the accessibility of your website.Each image should have an alt text. Not just for SEO purposes but also because blind and visually impaired people otherwise won’t know what the image is for.

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    ALT attribute is a text for images, this text that helps visitors as well as search engines to identify the image for a particular category and keep them unique where possible.

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    Alt tags are helpful to understand the message behind the image,some of the benefits of alt text on images are helpful to improve the traffic,get high rank for your keywords..

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    When you type something in alt tag, it represents that image, that's why so many company logos will be appear in google images, just by typing the company name, because they writes the company name in alt tags. Title tag is for user friendly purpose, alt tag is for seo friendly and seach engine friendly purpose.

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    These alt tags will help what that image is about if the image is not displayed in web page then these tag text will displayed in browser and this description is also crawled by google it will optimize site as image seo .

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    Search engines cannot read images directly on a webpage. Alt text is used with to define images in the source to help search engine spiders crawl and know about your webpage images. These tags are helpful to rank your images higher in search results.
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