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Thread: I need better statistics to get to the next level

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    I need better statistics to get to the next level

    My MobileHomeDoctor site currently has only Webalizer stats and that just doesn't give me the information I need to build the site intelligently. I have installed awstats on other sites so I have an idea of what it provides. I am currently running a free sample from I have seen references to AXS and have looked at his website, but not installed the program.

    I wrote the 150 content pages almost five years ago and most of them need work. The site gets about 8,000 visits per month and 30,000 page views.

    Any suggestions for a "tool of Choice" and your reasons for making the suggestion?

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    I use AXS, I like it because it generates its own log files instead of using your pregenerated server ones. This means you have more control over what it logs.
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    I use AwStats but they stop updating after about 4 days because the log files fill up the partition. They however are graphical and I rather that than raw figures (though they also have alot of figures).
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    I also use AWS...

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