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Thread: Affiliate Sites

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    Affiliate Sites

    What do you think about affiliate sites..ones that have nothing but a store-type interface with affiliate links?

    Are they profitable?

    I was able to code a poster site using an allposters feed in a few hours yesterday, and it would be easy to open a network of sites like this.

    Just wondering what people think!



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    It is very possible for these sites to be profitable.
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    Wow thanks, I haven't seen that article yet.

    That advice is enough for me to make the plunge...I'm going off to school right away, and these kinds of sites seem like the best kind to start...pretty easy to maintain


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    I also believe that these sites can work!

    As longs as you can get enough targeted visitors to come to your sites and your sites are well designed, making the affiliate programs content look apart of your site, then you should do well.
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    Offer information as well as your store. The information will get you found in search engines -- then you can sell to them.

    That's just one page using Amazon's XML feed. There were a few hours of tweaking to get it how I wanted, but it went smoothly. The result is beautiful. Credits to Dan (GCT13) who did the grunt work. Contact him if you want yours to look like mine.
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    Wow that looks good Shawn. Tell us how it goes throughout the next few months...
    Don't you just love free internet games ?

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