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Thread: Mobile Website Design

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    Mobile Website Design

    Customer prefers a mobile friendly website
    Users are likely to engage with a company
    Want mobile pages to fit their screen better
    To find what they are looking for a site with in one or two clicks

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    Post Mobile Web Design Basic Principles

    1. Simple- In mobile websites, the phrase “less is more” must be applied.
      User-friendly navigation and search functions must be provided for easier mobile web access.
      Also, avoid putting too much graphics and flash videos specially, if they are not really necessary
      because in mobile websites, loading time is very important.
    2. Concise Content- Since screens for mobile devices are smaller compare to desktops;
      site content must be simple and easy to read, and if it’s possible, content must be comprehensible.
    3. Speed- Mobile web visitors are only using Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.
      Thus, when you design a mobile website, avoid using background images that can make the loading time slower than the usual speed.
      A fast-loading mobile web can also keep your potential clients from closing it.
    4. Page column- Mobile devices have smaller screens. To increase the usability of your mobile
      website, it is better that you create a single-column page that uses the whole width of the screen.
      Also, pages should expand downwards rather than across because scrolling the web page vertically is easier than scrolling it horizontally.
    5. Screen sizes- Mobile devices vary in sizes, thus the layout must be adjustable to
      different screen sizes as well as type of mobile device. Design a mobile website that has a fluid layout so that it will adjust on the user’s screen resolution.

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