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Thread: Social Media Marketing

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    Social Media Marketing

    How effective is social media marketing to your websites or products or services?
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    We all know that social media is a powerful platform in Internet Marketing.
    You can easily endorse or promote your products and/or services.

    To prove, look at these facts:
    *20% of Facebook users have acquired something because of ads or comments they saw.(Source: Ipsos, 2014)
    *72% of all internet users are now active on social media
    *34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads(Source: Jeff Bullas, 2014)

    Social media give quick results and have deep effect on the overall
    operation of a business in terms of marketing. The basic concept of
    social media marketing is to promote the company or a website in
    different networking sites and popular media channels such as Twitter,
    Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Promoting business website through
    these platforms ensures an increased traffic, thus bringing about good
    amount of monetary returns.
    The best thing in social media marketing: just establish your
    presence through networking sites and build credibility. Remember, in
    social media marketing, marketing effort is an investment.
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    The Social Media Marketing is the used to increase the website traffic and brand awareness and its have a used to increase the business related leads

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