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    Several innovative website design techniques are deployed to generate user interaction and retain interest on single-page websites. Some are:

    1.Fixed/sticky navigation
    2.Interactive navigation elements like parallax scrolling - creating a 3D feel with background images scrolling more slowly than foreground images
    3.Flat web design or Flat UI was made popular by the flat Apple iOS7 interface design. The focus is on being clear and easy to use.
    4. Full-screen background images IFSC code indian bank
    5. Web typography like @font-face and Typekit makes more fonts available to designers to make their one-page designs stand out on all screens.
    6. Responsive web design displays a website at the optimal size for different devices and screens
    7.Social media integration makes content shareable
    8. Data integration - Toolkits bring data directly into the website, to present interactive data visualizations that make the site informative and crawlable by search engines.

    Use textures in web design to add that extra fillip to your site add depth or natural contrast to your design and separate your content into sections so that the main elements stand out. Highlight your header or call attention to your menu, title, icons and buttons. Present a perfect background to set off your photos to advantage. Textures bring harmony into website design and tie in different elements together. indian bank ifsc code list

    Experiment with soft, hard, subtle or rough textures like wood, sand, earth, fabric, paper, ceramic and more to get the results you want. Subtle textures create distinctiveness and style. Choose textures that naturally fit your page content.

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    New trends in designing:

    1. Sketch App for UI Design
    2. Browser-Based IDEs
    3. Collaboration Tools for Design
    4. Card Layouts
    5. Custom Ex-plainer Videos
    6. Live Product Previews
    7. Automated Task Runners
    8. Native JS Mobile Apps

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    Most users quest for something intriguing (or helpful) and interactive; when some encouraging competitors are discovered, clients click. On the off chance that the new page doesn't live up to clients' desires, the Back catch is clicked and the hunt procedure is proceeded.

    Users acknowledge quality and validity. On the off chance that a page gives clients astounding substance, they are willing to bargain the substance with commercials and the outline of the site. This is the motivation behind why not-that-very much planned sites with brilliant substance pick up a great deal of movement over years.

    Users don't read, they filter. Examining a page, clients hunt down some settled focuses or stays which would control them through the substance of the page.

    Web Users are anxious and demand moment satisfaction. Exceptionally basic guideline: If a site can't live up to clients' desires, then creator neglected to complete his employment legitimately and the organization loses cash. The higher is the psychological burden and the less instinctive is the route, the all the more eager are clients to leave the site and look for options. [JN/DWU]

    Users don't settle on ideal decisions. Clients don't scan for the snappiest approach to discover the data they're searching for. Neither do they check site page in a straight manner, going successively starting with one site segment then onto the next one. Rather clients satisfice; they pick the principal sensible choice. When they discover a connection that appears like it may prompt the objective, there is a decent risk that it will be quickly clicked. Enhancing is hard, and it takes quite a while. Satisficing is more proficient.

    Clients take after their instinct. By and large clients wade through as opposed to perusing the data a creator has given. By Krug, the essential purpose behind that will be that clients couldn't care less. "On the off chance that we discover something that works, we stick to it. It doesn't make a difference to us on the off chance that we see how things work, the length of we can utilize them. On the off chance that your gathering of people is going to act like you're planning board, then outline awesome announcements."

    Users need to have control. Clients need to have the capacity to control their program and depend on the predictable information presentation all through the site.

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    Nice post,It is helpful and informative..Thank you for sharing!!

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    Some basic ideas are listed good web design full fill the user needs,want to communicate clearly,colour palette enhance the user experience,navigation how easy for people take action move around your website,less loading time,it need to be mobile friendly.

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    A website should be SEO friendly.

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    Design Web layout in Photoshop
    Use dream weaver for coding
    Wordpress site is also good
    website should Responsive
    It should be SEO friendly

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    some of the important factors needed for web design are it have communicative,color pattern,images navigation,grid based layouts,take less load time..

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    Web Design using WordPress

    Now a day most of the web designer using WordPress because of availability of various themes and plugins.There were 1,653 – The official WP repository of themes.
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