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Thread: Content Marketing Trends

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    Content Marketing Trends

    Content Marketing Trends

    Visual content drives more engagement
    Social media sharing increase engagement
    Custom content is the future of marketing
    Post with videos getting more interaction

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    Post Content Marketing Optimization

    Guest posting/blogging, webinars, journal publication are examples of content marketing. However, content marketing will only work with great content.
    It is not about bragging your companyís greatness over your competitors or boasting how superb your products/services are.
    It is about sharing your expertise and other valuable information that your target audience can relate.
    However, it is only after you have created a high-quality content for the human users, you can optimize it for search engines.
    Hence, it is also important to follow some rules about content marketing optimization.

    1. Use semantically related keywords within the content- Search engines will know where to categorize a certain content
    based on the highly-related terms (which are synonymous to main keywords) used in the text.
    So next time that you are writing your masterpiece, donít stuff it with repeated search terms,
    instead use synonyms to substitute the overused keywords.

    2. Google Authorship- It is a feature which allows Google to associate content to an individual person, and display
    a related headshot and name next to it in Search (Grimes-Viort). Aside that this feature can protect your work
    from content thieves (as Google would know who the original one is), it can also boost your online presence in Google search result and page ranking.

    3. Social Signals- Social media has the ability to improve brand awareness and overall online visibility,
    which could be converted into new inbound links. And as the number of social media users keeps on growing,
    social signals such as shares, retweets, mentions and +1s, can also improve oneís ranking.
    So make it sure that you do not forget to integrate social media in your great content.

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    I am following 7 content marketing trends for My websites

    1. Guest video articles

    2. University-style resource centers

    3. Data curating

    4. Incredibly high-quality content material

    5. Custom-content rss feeds

    6. Entertaining videos

    7. Influencer Content

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