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Thread: Two things I have noticed

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    Two things I have noticed

    1. Yahoo/Inktomi crawls the page backwards. Might just be me, but my menu is:
    Home | Something | Something | Store | Forums

    And it has indexed Forums and most of Store; it will take awhile but that brings me to the second thing.

    2. For both Google and Yahoo, how many pages are crawled (and then added to the index) depends on the PR (and Yahoo's ranking function).

    Has anyone else noticed these things, or am I just wierd?

    Also not really SEO, but the second thing might be useful to know if you didn't already.
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    For #2 definitely. If you have a larger site more PR will mean more of it getting crawled.

    I think #1 is probably just a coincidence.
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    No on 1 and yes on 2, throwing PR at a site with lots of good content pages seems to be a safe bet with Google.

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    PR certainly helps for number 2, I got a PR 4 ( coming from 5 ) and every page of my blog gets re-indexed at least every 2 days.
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