When it comes to website design, most of the time people already have basic ideas regarding their websites. This varies from design, colors, style and function as the output of a project. Looking for a web designer and hiring them to do all the work can be a misconception for clients because they are dependent on almost everything. Because of this, a project becomes harder to achieve. Nevertheless, what can make you more productive as a designer is to have list of questions that can help you and your client work on the same phase without the hassle of miscommunication.

This article will provide you the areas that you should look up to when outsourcing a website project and some questions that you might want to ask your clients as you develop their website and online presence.

Goals and Functions

What are the primary goals of your website?
Knowing the primary goals of clients will make you decide on what type of website you will produce. Website goals may be to sell, to inform, to engage with users, for personal use, for company use and more. With this, you will have an idea if you are to build e-Commerce website, informational site, social networking site, blog/diary site, company portal, etc. Because of the information provided, you can prepare for the pages that will be included in the website–homepage, contact information, product page, and others.

Who are your target audiences?
There is a large impact when you know the target audience of a website that you will produce. Clients rarely know the differences of each website, with this you must ask them who will benefit from the site and how will they work. Navigation of the website also depends on who will use it.

How much time do you want to invest on the project?
You must know the timeline for the whole project from conceptualization up to maintenance. This can lead you into a more systematized and organized way of putting things altogether.

Do you have any reference when it comes to the design of your website?
If the client does not provide you answer regarding this and s/he wants a website that is unique and different from others, you need to provide set of examples. Moreover, it is very important for you to have featured projects or portfolio that can serve as a reference for your clients.

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