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Thread: Web Development: Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website

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    Post Web Development: Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website

    Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the digital-era-related industries that have been put on the buzz lately. In 2012, we have seen the incredible growth of e-commerce business. Online shopping becomes a widespread habit between retailers and shoppers. It is no wonder because it makes selling and buying more convenient for both parties. And because of this, different platforms have been used to cater the online trade between merchants and customers.

    Over the years, marketers are discovering fresher ways in optimizing and personalizing their online shop. One of the online tools they use to run their e-commerce operation is the website. E-commerce websites offer rich and relevant buying experience to online shoppers. And from 2013 onwards, with better technology, e-commerce websites are expected to be a full-blown venue for online trading between consumers and business owners. With all these changes and expectations, it is time for you to consider upgrading, if not totally changing, your e-commerce website.

    E-commerce Website Trends

    Going mobile- With the increasing numbers of mobile users, creating an E-commerce website that only work for desktop PCs is definitely out. The development of mobile web technology has affected consumers’ behavior. They search for information, look for services and buy products by all means. Thus, it is safe to assume that your target buyers are also using mobile devices to surf the Internet. With this thought, it would be better if you are going to implement mobile integration to your e-commerce website. You can do this by either creating a different version of your website for mobile devices or by making a responsive e-commerce website.

    Advanced Personalization- E-commerce websites are not just about selling and buying products online. They should also provide advanced personalization for the customer’s profile. Through this customer’s profile function, marketers would be able to study customers’ buying behavior and their product interest. With this, online retailers would be able to know what products, prices, perks, content and the kind of customer service they should offer to their target market. Doing this would result to a more natural buying experience for the customers.

    Secured Easy Payment Process- Consumers do online shopping because it is hassle-free. There is no need to go to the merchant’s store just to get what they need. With the tip of their hands, they could purchase anything they want to buy. However, during the early years of e-commerce, the payment process was somehow primitive. Shoppers would order the goods and then they will go to the merchant’s savings bank to deposit their payments or would personally meet the dealer and would pay it cash. Seems stressful, isn’t it? But with the use of advanced technology, payment process becomes simpler and more secure. Today, online stores are now offering online payment systems via PayPal, debit account and credit cards. With these payment systems, shoppers would feel less stress and more secure in paying their goods.

    Interactive Product Display- In 2013 onward, using images to display your products would not be enough to convince your consumers. As the Internet improves its speed, it is now the right time to upgrade your product display. Use video demos about your products to make it more interactive and engaging to your customers.

    Social Media Integration- When it comes to online influence, there is no doubt that social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube are powerful tools for marketing and advertising. These social media platforms are here to stay and will always be a part of our life. So this year and on, it’s time to use the power of social media to drive traffic and boost sales by integrating them on your e-commerce website. Install a social media login extension to allow shoppers to log on to your e-commerce site using their of Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts. It saves time and it encourages visitors to shop on your online store in an easy, stress-free way.


    As the technology is progressing, it is the right time to view the above e-commerce trends as promising opportunities for merchants and buyers that will surely prosper.

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    Very well said. These are good pointers in doing business, coping up with technology advancement. Up for this post.

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