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Thread: Avoid in Web Design

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    Avoid in Web Design

    Inconsistent font and color

    Highlighting and Scrolling text

    Cluttered pages

    Slow loading images

    Sound without on / off

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    Here are some things that should be avoided in creating websites:

    1. Excessive Multimedia Content - Excessive use of multimedia content will not only prolong the load time of the web pages but also make it difficult for your visitors to access information.

    2. Be Careful with PDF - rovide them only when they are absolutely necessary and warn your visitors that the download process will take time so they are better prepared for the same.

    3. Use Original Photographs - Using stock photography on your business website is like hosting your website on Therefore, be professional and use only original and premium quality images.

    4. Cracking Code - Cranky codes may work for the website but they tend to make it look amateurish and unprofessional.

    5. No Updates or New Features - If you want to have a powerful web presence, then designing a website is only the start of the journey. You need to feed your website with new content on regular basis in order to banish stagnation. Moreover search engines need fresh content that they can index otherwise your website will pushed down the charts of search results.

    6. Poor Navigation - Navigating through your site should be intuitive. This means that the site navigation should be organised and presented in a manner consistent with accepted web navigation conventions. Stick to standard techniques and standard locations for navigation elements such as links and menus.

    7. Poor Colour Schemes - A poor colour scheme will distract visitors from your message. At worst, the message will become unreadable.

    8. Pop-up Windows - Unless you have a very good reason, avoid pop-up windows. They are irritating and many browsers block them.

    9. Dead Links - All of the links on your site should work. Having users visit your site and encounter broken links will look unprofessional, cause frustration and undermine the confidence of visitors in your site and hence your organization.

    10. Click Here To Enter Site - Donít waste your home page with a ďClick here to enter siteĒ link or a gratuitous splash screen. Your website visitor is already here, so reward them immediately with useful, relevant content.

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    Unorganized content layout. Everybody knows that a massy page prevents users from quick scanning. You should always keep in mind a clear hierarchy of your design and donít place the users into a confusing position when they donít know where to look first. Guide their eyes through the page and it will be a success. swift codes of all banks
    Poor navigation. Itís good practice when site visitors always know where they are at any given moment and have the possibility to travel through website pages freely and swiftly. Designers solve this issue different ways. Some include pagination into design, others prefer one page layouts. The availability of different filters that simplify customersí search works well either.
    Poor readability & legibility. We know that good readability is basic, but some designers manage to neglect it in their burst of creativity.
    Bad use of color and contrast. Itís impossible to give instant advice to this issue. Each designer should know color theory and be able to apply its rules. If you canít fully rely on your knowledge of color and contrast, there are plenty of online tools that will help you choose the optimal match.
    Complicated or no registration forms. Nobody will sweat filling out the multiple fields of your registration form, so it should be as short and simple as possible. Also try a tiered approach, loading questions in sequences rather than all at once. sarkari naukri vacancy 2015
    Use of heavy images, flash based graphics and animations. The heavier your website is, the slower it downloads, especially on mobile devices. Would like to increase your traffic? Make your website lightweight. And let flash finally RIP.
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    Some of the points you need to avoid while designing a site:
    Disabling the back button.
    Opening new windows
    Failing to put a phone number and address in several easy-to-find locations.
    Broken links
    Slow server times.
    Outdated information
    Poor navigation
    Too many font styles and colors
    Failing to link with your social network sites.

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    Great post,Thanks for sharing this information!!

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    The following important things are avoided in the web design there are disable the back button,failing to put a phone number and address several easy,broken links,slow server times,outdated information,poor navigation,too many font style and colors,fail to link your social sites.

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    I find 35 common mistakes in web designing you can learn those errors in a deep manner using this link

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    That's wonderful stuff you've written up here about avoid in web design. Been searching for it all around. Great discussion!

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    Hi, I want you suggest you to Pay attention to fonts & Lack of content text and pictures are very important in web design.


    static code checker

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    Thank you for you informative post factors need to avoid in web design keep sharing the valuable post like this...

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    Some of the factors that need to be avoided in web designing are concealing your website content from the users, usage of many javascript libraries, giving more importance to site layout only, to make the website responsive creating a fake design, creating website design first for the desktop, etc.

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    Things to remember when designing your website

    1] You should avoid talking about yourself or your company. References to yourself or your company usually decrease the level of engagement you have with your customers.

    2] You should also ensure that all the files, images and videos on your website have some connection to your business.

    3] your website should have a persuasive and clear call to action.

    4] You should have engaging content.

    5] Use of Search Engine Optimization tools.

    6] Incentivize users to give you their email addresses so that they can enter your mailing list.

    You can manage most of these things using WordPress CMS.
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