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Thread: SEO for picture heavy pages

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    SEO for picture heavy pages

    I am adding "How to" pages to my mobile home repair site. My readers are NOT experienced with repair work and tools so I will provide detailed instructions with lots of pictures. The first page will have 15-20 thumbnails that show the steps in a project. Each thumb will link to a full size picture. The text under each thumb will link to another page with the detailed instructions for that step and pictures of the tools and materials that will be needed. The tools pictures/text are in turn linked to pages that describe them in detail. (links to Amazon products from my tools pages are on my to do list.)

    I will make sure I have appropriate alt text on all the links and will use appropriate file names for all the pages/images.

    Are there any other things I should do to get the maximum SEO benefit from these pages?

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    Make sure each page has a good title tag, and you use good link text (don't link to the pages with "next step" be more elaborate like the intra-article navigation on this site).
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    You may also want to put the images in a seperate folder (as in a folder like /images/ ) and use robots.txt to stop Google (and others) from spidering that folder. This will not only stop any PR leakage, but will also save you alot of bandwidth

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