Today, the United States the second circuit court judge Denny Chin (Denny Chin) that Google Books scanning based on the principle of "fair use", so does not violate copyright laws, for the eight years lawsuit on a temporary period.

The judge in the sentence in the book expounds the reasons why he made the decision:

On the basis of respect for the author power, promote the spread of knowledge culture;Google Books have indispensable tools of academic research;The service provides for the first time millions of book resources of full text retrieval, greatly promoted the development of the academic work;It makes the reborn tens of thousands of ancient books;Google Books let countless Books can't factor in the situation of the electronic continue to circulate;It for publishers and the authors provide a new source of income.

If this case losing, Google needs to pay up to $150000 for each infringement lawsuits.

Earlier, Google had once given up to "fair use" as a means of defense, the principle is determined by:

The purpose of using and roles, including whether applied to the global trade business purpose and whether to no profit purpose of education

In 1984, in the case of the United States Supreme Court ruled in accordance with the principle of "fair use" home TV user shall have the right to record TV programs, in 2006 with the copyright lawsuit, the court also supports the DK press use Greatful Dead posters.