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Offering DoS and DDoS attack protection and mitigation via own developed attack mitigation technology-based DDoS Protected High-Speed Network.
Under a DDoS attack? Site down? Looking for Instant DDoS Protection? Looking for DDoS Protection? Get DDoS Protected in a matter of minutes!


DDoS is the main threat to stability and development of online business. Financial losses encountered as a result of such attacks are often crippling . In addition the attacks frequently lead to loss of customer base. Cloudcom DDoS Protected hosting offers a complex solution to prevent or repair the damage done by DDoS attacks. Our professionals will ensure 24/7 server monitoring and technical assistance as needed.
DDoS Protecting Your Business!
Cloudcom dynamic DDoS Protection Network is built on a conjoined network of different ddos attack mitigation hardware and software filtering engines and firewalls. The whole protection engine is a complex of Cisco and Juniper routers along with complex software solution developed for real-time traffic filtering and attack mitigation.
While the system automatically filters and adjusts your ddos protection, our staff is real-time monitoring the network 24/7 and making sure that the response time is maximum as if no actual ddos attack is taking place.
What are the ddos attack types to be protected from?

Cloudcom will protect you from ALL TYPES OF DDOS ATTACKS, including the most common types of the ddos attacks:
  • TCP SYN flood
  • HTTP POST flood
  • UDP flood
  • DNS flood
  • ICMP flood
  • Spoofed IP Attacks
  • Teardrop attacks

Our security solution ensures:
  • Uninterruptible service of your web infrastructure with no increased latency
  • Statistics of web traffic directed at your web infrastructure while under attack
  • DDoS protection guarantee
  • Safe transmission of cleared web traffic
  • Prompt real-time customization according to ddos attack dynamic changes and its complexity
  • Custom DDoS Protection packages up to 200 gigabits per second for certain types of attacks
  • Guaranteed DDoS Protection up to 12 million packets per second
  • Common Protection from DDoS attacks up to 30 Gigabits per second
  • Instant upgrade and customization options

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Special offer.
'Lite' DDoS Protection for 99,- EUR per month for one domain and website, HTTP protection up to 300kpps or 300mbps.
Short DDoS Protection overview.
Each Cloudcom DDoS Protection package varies depending on the protocols covered. Our DDoS Protection system allows us to protect from all kinds of ddos attacks and protect every protocol: TCP, UDP, SMTP, DNS etc.
Lite DDoS Protection
  • 1 website
  • 1 domain
  • unlimited subdomains
  • Web (HTTP)

€99.08 per month
Get lite DDoS Protection
Standard DDoS Protection
  • 1 website
  • 3 domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Web (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Mail (SMTP)

Setup € 567.00
€ 555.66 per month
Get Standard DDoS Protection
Enterprise DDoS Protection
  • 3 website
  • 10 domain
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Mail (SMTP)
  • TCP/UDP Ports

Setup € 567.00
€ 1666.98 per month
Get Enterprise DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection Configuration.
Lite Protection
Price per month
99.08 EUR
128.44 USD
122.32 CHF
  • Websites 1
  • Domains 1
  • Subdomains Unlimited
  • Protocols Web (HTTP)
  • DNS protection No
  • Content caching No
  • Incoming SMTP protection No

  • Max. Packets/s 300000
  • Max. Requests/s Unlimited
  • Max. Attack Bandwidth 1000
  • Max. Clean Bandwidth 250

Upgrades / Overage
  • Attack Bandwidth N/A
  • Clean Bandwidth 81.00 EUR
  • Extra website N/A
  • Extra domain 10.53 EUR
  • Incoming SMTP protection 81.00 EUR

Order Lite Attack Protection
Standard DDoS Protection
Price per month
555.66 EUR
720.30 USD
686.00 CHF
Setup fee
567.00 EUR
735.00 USD
700.00 CHF
  • Websites 1
  • Domains 3
  • Subdomains Unlimited
  • Protocols Web (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Mail (SMTP)
  • DNS protection Yes
  • Content caching Yes
  • Incoming SMTP
  • protection Yes

  • Max. Packets/s 1000000
  • Max. Requests/s Unlimited
  • Max. Attack Bandwidth 3000
  • Max. Clean Bandwidth 500

Upgrades / Overage
  • Attack Bandwidth 648.00 EUR
  • Clean Bandwidth 64.80 EUR
  • Extra website 112.59 EUR
  • Extra domain 10.53 EUR
  • Incoming SMTP protection N/A

Order Standard Attack Protection

Enterprise DDoS Attack Protection
Monthly fee
1666.98 EUR
2160.90 USD
2,058.00 CHF
Setup fee
567.00 EUR
735.00 USD
700.00 CHF
  • Websites 3
  • Domains 10
  • Subdomains Unlimited
  • Protocols Web(HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Mail (SMTP)
  • TCP/UDP Ports
  • DNS protection Yes
  • Content caching Yes
  • Incoming SMTP protection Yes

  • Max. Packets/s 12000000
  • Max. Requests/s Unlimited
  • Max. Attack Bandwidth 10000
  • Max. Clean Bandwidth 1000

Upgrades / Overage
  • Attack Bandwidth 324.00 EUR
  • Clean Bandwidth 48.60 EUR
  • Extra website 112.59 EUR
  • Extra domain 10.53 EUR
  • Incoming SMTP protection N/A

Order Enterprise Attack Protection
Cloudcom are offering DDoS Protection with Dedicated or Virtual Server.

DDoS Protection Setup
Getting DDoS protection for your website or server and getting it DDoS Protected is a matter of minutes and doesn't require any specific knowledge from you. Feel to contact our LiveChat in case if you require assistance.
Step 1: Place an order
Please select and order the appropriate DDoS protection package. If you need help or if you are unsure what ddos protection package to choose, please speak with Live Assistant.
Step 2: Provide required information
There is not a lot of information to be provided. All we need to know to get you protected is your Domain name (or names) and IP address of the server.
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