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Thread: Duplicate content

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    Duplicate content

    On my house buying site, I am making a full house buying process series of articles. The mortgage part is just gonna be the same one that is just part of the buying section.

    Im having trouble thinking how to make it appear as if its part of the series (i.e. with prev, next links etc), and also making it standalone.

    Would it be ok, to have two URLs for the basically the same piece?

    (Thought Google didnt like duplicate content, but just read that tahts only on different domains.)

    Edit: Hmmm, reading Google:

    Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.

    Looks like it wouldnt be a good plan.

    Use referrer to recognise when someone is going through the series?

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    You and I can easily recognize duplicate content, but google can have a hard time.

    Why don't you add some text at the top or bottom of the duplicate pages. It might be any kind of text, even a short paragraph "about this site". Replace more than 7 words that are not stop words with their synonyms.

    If you change about 1/7 to 1/8 of the text (add text, replace words, insert words, reword sentences) you should bypass the duplicate and almost duplicate checks.

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    I wouldn't worry about the duplicate content thing too much. I mean, how many duplicate articles are there all over ther internet that there doesn't seem to be a problem with? You should be ok so long as it's not pages and pages of the same stuff repeated several times on differnt pages.

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    Ok cheers guys, will try just rewording it a bit etc.

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