Hello everybody

My name Nikolay Perov, I am not native English speaker, so please sorry for the possible mistakes.

A year ago I made a Personal Development blog, based on my own experience of positive changes.

This site gained some popularity in Russian internet, i received a lot of positive feedback from my Russian audience. So i decided to make an English, international version of blog with the help of interpreter.

Interpreter has translated about only 10% of my posts.

I have an aim of getting more traffic to my blog, but this is not the main reason for this post. I will be very glad if you read some posts and form a judgement about them. Are they written well or bad? Is the language suitable for English speaking audience (or maybe i have to change my interpreter)?

I have posts, for example, How to Stop Drinking Coffee or How to Improve Your Willpower.

I will be very grateful if you leave some comments on my blog or in this topic.

Thank you for your time!

Link to my site: Personal Development Step by Step