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Thread: Seo and smo

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    Seo and smo

    This is some tips on how can you improve SEO and SMO skills

    Read Tips on

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    Benefits of SEO:
    It allows to get well ranking of your website in the online search motor in an organic way.
    It allows to get more traffic on the website.
    Helps to improve pagerank of the website.
    Advantages of SMO:
    It allows to improve direct and instant traffic on the site/webpage.
    It allows to improve conversion on the website.
    Makes your content viral which indirectly allows to improve website’s position in online search motor. It takes not much time to promote your website.

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    According to Daniel Kosir's blog entitled: How SEO has changed: SEO Techniques and Best Practices for 2014, there are 4 of them:

    1. Content Creation - Google ranks contents, not the companies.

    2. Content Promotion - Promote your website through different Social Networking Sites or in paid advertisements.

    3. Conversion Optimization - Clear messaging, elimination poor navigation, etc.

    4. Provide Awesome User Experience - good interaction between user and the website

    Read more:

    While, john la talks about SMO.

    Use this type of sites for Social Media Optimization:
    Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, MySpace, Delicious, Twitter and YouTube.

    He also provided a process of Social Media Optimization:

    1. Adding website media links to content,

    2. Search new activities as RSS feeds and sharing buttons

    3. Promotional activity through social media by updating statuses

    4. Tweets, or blog posts and link buildings

    Read more:
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