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Thread: Experience with Tickletrain

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    Experience with Tickletrain

    I am with TickleTrain tool for some month now. it allows an easy followup method for invoices or anything else really. But I do use it for invoices. So anytime I send an invoice to one of my customers, I just include a special email address in the bcc field before I send it- this tells tickletrain to track and follow up on this email for me. It's really easy to use. And it's free! But I think I will upgrade to the paid account now that I have been using it for a while. The free account is limited to 5 followups at any one time. Just visit their website if you'll need more details or interested in their services!

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    Agreed! They are offering reliable service. is a great tool for scheduling automatic emails. It sends out a daily reminder of what emails are scheduled for that day so you can make changes, if needed. It can be used for any subject or purpose.

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    I am using a service provided by There are both free and paid plans, but it's great for automating follow-ups for unanswered emails and leads. You just include a special email address in the BCC field of the email you want tracked and if you don't get a response, it reminds you of the email; but best of all, it has pre-written responses ready to send out.

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    TickleTrain. used for predetermined email follow-up that gets sent on a schedule to somebody you choose by transmitting or replying to an email.

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