home page layout and design all kinds of ads

B2B industry website home page is one of the most advertising page, like magazines, propaganda and cover before everybody wants to do. So the home page in the layout of advertising on the significant particularly important, advertising layout is not good, is chaotic. The contents of this part, I'm in the B2B trade portal website planning practical study "chapter 7, section 7:" website vendors advertising planning points also made detailed instructions ". If the advertisement put too little, although the user experience is very good, but there is no advertising sales staff and sell, impact site. So the website needs to have a lot of advertising, and to ensure the user's experience, the designer should follow the standard of the some advertising layout design.

Don't too high: the height of A AD generally home page ads, most of the advertising height under 60 px and as far as possible, I think is the best 50 px, consider for the future. When the advertisement is less, can use longer advertising to attract eyeballs, if at the start of the height is too high, advertising can't put too much, can affect sales. The height of a few ads can be higher, but not more than 75 px is the best. Level of big advertising can be higher, because less advertising, less valuable, but not more than 90 px for the best.

B, as far as possible use Flash design: because some B2B industry website advertising is more, if the Flash is used to design, can make the home page open very slowly, because the Flash is accounted for resources. Advertising with longer for some width, can use Flash to design, but the home page ads in a Flash in the 10 or so, as far as possible more small ads, use GIF animation to design better, also can put a picture.
C, advertising layout to tidy uniform: due to the home page advertisement may be more, so want to consider a good user experience, it is best to separate the content and advertising, such as a row of advertising, a row of content. Or a row of content, two rows of advertising. So that the user not to find the content in the advertisement, also looks more harmonious unification, users want to see the ads, oneself to find again. And advertising and content spaced out put, still can make advertising more effective.