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Thread: Registration at Canadian Registrar?

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    Registration at Canadian Registrar?

    I'd like to consult with some experts here regarding the choice of Registrar.
    Recently I came across and recognized that they offered affordable domain registration services along with specials.
    They are located in Canada.
    What do you know about them? Can I rely on them?

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    I believe you don't have to bother about your registrar location and choose according to reliability. is considered to be the best one in terms of providing domain registration services as they have done that in a quality any offering many discounts on traditionally expensive domains and free hosting services.

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    I've noticed that they started to offer .PW domains. They're open, it means that anyone can register it. Even started thinking to reg one.

    In conclusion, if you are looking for reliable place to register domains, is the way to go to. Thanks!

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    If you are looking for reliable solutions you can rely on registration services. You will be pleased by their affordable prices, attractive offers and knowledgeable support.

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    According to my research provides so many attractive offers for their customers which make them attractive indeed. And their flexible system of discounts is amazing.

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    I would also like to add that doing routine things such as dns changes, nameserver updates and registrar transfers is extremely simple with Sibername. It is a simple domain registration site, with a handful of helpful features that are popular with reviews.
    I like it. Recommended!

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    Thanks for your comments and feedbacks guys. I've just looked at some review sites and found out that would be a good home for my new registered domains.

    They offer nice specials. I like this.

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