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Thread: Google stuff...

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    Google stuff...

    On Goldman losing the deal to manage Google's IPO. Made me laugh...

    "What the hell is the chief executive supposed to do but make calls?" said one insider. "If that upset the two fruitcakes who run Google, so be it. Maybe they don't like Hank because he's bald."
    I love the way google refuse to conform

    I was also checking the waybackmachine for google and it brought back some memories of their early days (seems so long ago)...

    And then some interesting comments I read in a magazine recently in an interview with one of Google's software engineers, Matt Cutts...

    Are meta tags still important?
    MC: Rumours of the demise of Meta tags are a little bit exaggerated. Google does use Meta tags in some situations: you can do searches that bring up snippets, our description of an HTML page, in response to a search. Unfortunately, because Meta tags aren't seen by the user, some people go overvoard with their use of tags, and they are given less weight in terms of a pages score. However, I do think they're important; I wouldn't say they're dead or recommend people avoid them.
    Interesting as I didn't realise that Meta tags were still being used AT ALL to score a page.

    He also goes on to describe www2 and www3 as "historical artefacts in many ways" and said that they're "used for testing".

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    They're not being used to score a page. Google just doesn't give secrets out, they're like politicians. Instead of giving a firm answer they say "not really" or "not very much" instead of "no."
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