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Thread: techniques of SEO

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    techniques of SEO

    Do you know how many techniques of SEO are? I just know :

    1.Forum posting
    2.Press relies
    3.Article submission
    4.Directory submission
    5.Social networking
    6.Link building
    7.Social bookmarking
    8.Blog posting
    9.Classified ads submission
    10.Blog commenting and ?????

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    RSS,and logo.

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    SEO technique

    One of the most basic things to remember in SEO is your keyword targeting which basically depends on your target market.

    But the most often suggested is long tail keyword targeting wherein it consists of the less popular but more specific words users are typing in search engines. Long- tails consist of two or more words (even phrases) unlike the head terms which are the more general topic. If “web development” is a head term, then “best and cheap web development” is its long-tail. This is useful in SEO because long tail keywords face lower competitions in ranking. But still, you have to develop quality and related long tail keywords in your website content.
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    that was helpful

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