just found a new web hosting site, and it looks cool. But before i purchase it can you help evaluate it first?

SOme of its features are:
Powerfull anti-spam system (which our customers can feed and train)
Varnish (caches content in ram, making serving sites faster)
Cloudflare plugin which allows easy setup of cloudflare from within cpanel.
Rv site builder so you can build your own site (from templates or scratch)
Softaculous which allows you to install many scripts (like wordpress) with just a few clicks.
24X7 technical support, however billing isn't 24X7 but we (being me) will respond within a day.
Cpxtra which allows you to make changes and corrections that would normally need an admin (like correcting permissions etc)

The new web hosting is www.jgwebhosting.co.uk

Hope to hear from you guys.