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Thread: How can I click on this PPC Ad?

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    How can I click on this PPC Ad?

    I have a customer who i did a few months work for and they never paid, it was running a PPC account and they changed the login details and then stopped answering emails, I actually did a really good job for them and improved their lead volume, CPC....basically everything improved and they acknowledged this, they also have a history of not paying people (only found this out later)

    They have now started running ads, whats the best way of draining their funds on this until they pay me?

    I know if i click on their ads its only going to cost maybe a $1 a click but i want to be able to click on them hundreds of times per day and swallow up their budget.

    maybe they will think twice before they rip someone off again.


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    You can do it, but better to use black hat on their website

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