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Thread: Risks of domain name & web hosting providers?

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    Risks of domain name & web hosting providers?

    what will happen if web hosting provider goes bankrupt. how it will affect continuity of my website?

    how my web hosting provider reputation will affect my website SEO?

    Is it possible to buy domain name from other than web host?

    Once i brought a domain name whether it will my property forever or i will acquire just a write use a particular domain name for a fee?. In later case, can domain name sellers revise their fees?

    How will i prevent my existing traffic and SEO if i lost my entitlement to use domain name?

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    Never buy your domain name from your web host.

    Always keep a backup copy of your website files in multiple location.
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    Agree with Chris, never have your domain registration and web hosting from the same company.

    See my reply to your similar thread:
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