The New ResellerChoice Cloud Hosting Network.

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No two Clouds are the same.
Cloud computing has been a buzzword lately, so chances are you've at least heard the term. Rather than relying on a single server or computer, cloud hosting allows access to multiple virtual servers; if one goes down, the remaining servers will continue running, picking up the slack. In addition to less downtime, cloud servers can be dynamically expanded and upgraded as needed; the processing power is virtually unlimited. You no longer have to worry about downtime associated with server migrations, power outages, or your website dropping off the face of the web due to a sudden traffic surge.

Our Cloud Hosting Network Design

Network in Network Design
Our cloud hosting network is split into separate dedicated networks providing increased bandwidth and redundancy over traditional cloud hosting you find today.

- Public VLANs
- Private VLANs
- Ultra Fast Storage Network
- On-Demand Services over Dedicated Network

Dedicated Storage Network
A fast and stable storage network is the key to a lighting fast cloud hosting services. As your critical data inevitably grows our solution will grow with it. You can add any number of disks to your server or attach to our ICSI servers or NAS servers for better software support.

Our cloud storage is light years above the rest.

Quick Access To Hosted Services
Our managed cloud hosting services are flexible enough to let you choose what cloud hosting services you need, We can help you customize your cloud hosting environment. Select from a mix of our cloud hosted services with our ever growing list of Managed Cloud Services and Applications.

You can contact us to build custom solutions or with migration assistance on moving your applications to our cloud network.

Private Virtual Networks
You can now build simple or complex and secure internal networks within our datacenter. Each server you order will be placed in your own private virtual network.

True Network Isolation
- Private VLAN shared on all your servers
- Run Active Directory or DHCP services
- Share files and folders within your cloud servers.

Cloud Server Control
Every cloud server will come with access to our simple to use online control panel with instant access to everything you need.

- Build Your Custom Cloud Hosting Controls
- Quick Add-On Cloud Hosting Services

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