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Thread: Low ranking on initial indexing.

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    Low ranking on initial indexing.

    I do not think Google takes in important ranking factors when initially indexing a new site (fresh content.. if we even call it that now).

    My shoe site was indexed within 3 days of putting it online and setting up inbound links. It still isn't ranking anywhere for any of the targetted phrases (discount shoes, discount [brand name] shoes). I'm assuming this is because Google hasn't calculated in the following:

    - pagerank
    - the anchor text of inbound links
    - are the inbound links topic-related.

    I believe this to be the case... I believe Google isn't doing rolling updates anymore. It seemed when they were doing those 5-7 day updates they were actually calculating this important ranking data. Now maybe we're back to the old way of 1 important ranking update a month and constant fresh data?

    What do you all think? Chris ? Your opinions are golden as usual.

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    I don't think they're doing large updates each month. There's no reason for them to revert back to doing that if they can do it in a more dynamic fashion, as they have been doing. I've been noticing reasonable size changes to keywords I've been monitoring almost on a daily basis too, beyond fresh listings, so they are still doing rolling updates at least to an extent anyway.

    Also, GoogleGuy has said that we shouldn't be seeing any more major updates and instead we can expect constant updates on a daily basis.

    Interestingly, I would think that google wouldn't be able to perform LocalRank updates in such a dynamic manor. Therefore, the keywords that you're lacking the listings for MAY be down to LocalRank. Just a thought.

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    Google has always listed fresh content without things like PR.

    PR is very time consuming to calculate, so they can't update it more than once a month.

    I do still think they're doing constant or rolling updates. I'm still seeing fluctuations that are more than just fresh content.
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    Google updates PR "everyday".

    Google PageRank Updates Every Day?

    Importance: High

    This is interesting. As GG continues to highlight the fact the PR updates are now just "display" updates, he uses the term "everyday occurence" with respect to PR updates. While it is well known that actual PR updates happen much more frequent than in the past, this is first time GoogleGuy has hinted that PR may actually be updated daily (or perhaps, in near-realtime?)
    GoogleGuy Says: [Link to quote]

    Good questions, jbgilbert. All I was trying to get across was that we have better updates of PR and links (including a comprehensive list) in-house at Google, so I personally don't pay as much attention to when we export new externally visible links or PR. So for me, it's just an everyday occurrence--but I understand why everyone else gets excited.

    BTW, this seems like a good quiet time to remind people that if you're obsessively hardwiring IP addresses in your hosts file in order to check what a PageRank display says: don't forget that there are other search engines out there. Spend some time looking at rankings on other engines as well (the old "don't put all your eggs in one basket" theme). All that time spent on backlink/PR checking would also pay off by spending that time looking at how other search engines score pages.

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